TÜV and LinquaCert-certified Translation Management

A professional translation management is particularly of great importance for the execution of translations into several target languages – for example, technical documentation, product catalogues, annual reports and Websites.

Guaranteed Swiss quality since 20 years.

We are the first language providers of Switzerland who carry out TÜV certified translation services according to DIN EN 15038 and ISO 9001:2008.





The quality of our management processes is examined through annual audits for the following areas: translation services, copywriting and proofreading of technical documentation, marketing and software localization.

The Project Managers of SemioticTransfer AG are all University graduates and trained in-house for a goal and result-oriented execution of demanding translation projects.

Each project manager is the main contact for all customer needs (Single Point of Contact). He is responsible for planning, execution, controlling and quality assurance of customer projects. He coordinates the internal and external translators, proofreaders, writers and network partners. The guideline behind his actions is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our well-structured project management and our industrial experience of over 20 years the services of SemioticTransfer AG have become personal and efficient.

At SemioticTransfer AG only selected and tested technical translators work to meet our high quality standards. Each translator translates exclusively into his native language, is an expert in his field and usually lives in the country and the culture of the target language of the translation commissioned.

Our project teams control every translation on all levels of language use. From the linguistic correctness of usage of grammar and spelling to the correct semiotic significance in terms of socio-cultural dimension in the target language. This is very important in marketing texts.

The maintenance of company-specific terminology (terminology management) has particularly high priority for SemioticTransfer AG. Even the use of translation memory systems so often coupled with it (translation memory management) is a useful quality assurance tool for clearly defined application requirements.

However, the primary source of quality assurance is a targeted briefing before each translation job. Before any translation is contracted SemioticTransfer analyses the linguistic-semiotic targets together with you (target audience, type of text, voice register, etc.) of the source text and its translation target language specialist. The appropriate resources can only be then used by SemioticTransfer AG and the correct transfer of meaning be guaranteed in the translation.

Our guideline for quality assurance means “Gaining success together!” Cooperation and responsibility of the customer are an integral part of quality assurance for each job.










Seven reasons speaking for SemioticTransfer:

  • Native speaker as specialist translators
         (native-speaker principle)
  • Every translation is checked by an external auditor
         (4-eyes principle)
  • Experienced Translation Manager checks your order
         (6-eyes principle)
  • Developing terminology glossaries
         (Corporate Wording)
  • Structure of translation memories
  • Layout-editing in the foreign languages
         (multilingual layout)
  • TÜV-certified translation services according to DIN EN 15038 and ISO 9001:2008