Keyword Marketing

Your Website doesn’t exist in the worldwide web?
Our Keyword and Search Engine Marketing: The guarantee of selling visibility!


Today it is not enough to simply be present on the web.
If you want to sell, you must also be visible!

If you lack web visibility then you barely register with the customer. When an internet user performs a search with one of the big search engines, he uses certain words which are not necessarily identical with the often more technical words describing the same reality which are found on the websites.

What is it?

The most relevant information found by the search engine is usually at the top of the list of results. The search engines use the keywords obtained from websites and compare them with those entered by users when they perform a search. They thus select the sites that are most likely to offer the information corresponding to the user request.


The growing number of websites shows how difficult it is now for companies to stand out, especially in the flood of information generated by a search engine.

The website is certainly present in the internet but it is invisible and there is a risk of a significant decrease in the number of hits.

Our solution!

SemioticTransfer will invest on your behalf in the optimisation of your web presence and in raising your profile by using keywords that can enhance your rating in the main online search engines.

By means of its wide range of services, SemioticTransfer introduces referenced keywords that reflect your products and services and thus your company’s image.

Our technique

Keyword marketing is a technique that consists of buying keywords at special auctions that are likely to be entered by internet users in search engines.The more keywords that are bought, the higher the advertiser’s ranking in the list of results. When the internet user clicks one of an advertiser’s keywords, the search engine treats the keyword as relevant for the search.

Search engines also generate a list of results with non-paying advertisements. The search engine analyses the contents and keywords of each internet site and ranks the results in terms of relevance and contents.


-  In keyword marketing analysis all the words or combinations of words, numbers and special characters likely to be used by internet users in their searches are examined.The purpose of this analysis is to turn your internet site into a relevant source of information for searches by your customers.

-  SEO copywriting (Search Engine Optimisation) is an authoring technique for website texts which optimises the presence of keywords and relevant content that is recognised by the search engine and detectable on the basis of an analysis of keywords.

Become number 1 !!

The combination of marketing keyword analysis and SEO copywriting means that you can get your results to the top of non-paying advertising generated by the search engines and thus increase the hit rate for your website.